Blood Blood Blood!

Blood Blood Blood!

It’s our favorite time of the year (I know, such a shock,) and what better way to celebrate Halloween than to talk about a little gore?

Taylor Maid carries all the faux blood you’ll need for the Halloween season and beyond. But shopping for blood isn’t as easy as it looks! Did you know there are different kinds of blood? Whether FX or real, blood comes in all different colors (and consistencies… gross?).

Fresh Application

These colors aren’t random, though! When you’re planning to use blood for your film, costume, to scare your roommate, theatre piece, etc. consider exactly the look you’re going for. Where is the wound on the body? How long has the character been bleeding? We can help you get your most authentic look! Here’s a breakdown of our three types of blood;

The first is ‘LUNG BLOOD’!

This is the blood that comes from parts of the body that are highly oxygenated. This blood mainly comes from the lungs, the heart and the neck. Places that are close to the heart and lungs and don’t have a lot of time to get away from the oxygen the body creates.

When applying lung blood, know that it’s going to be the brightest red of all your choices. This is because the more oxygen gets into the blood the less pigmented the red is because oxygen is filling some of the space.

Next, we have ‘BLOOD!’

This is a more standard color that’s used for fresh wounds in areas farther from the heart or places that have a heavier blood flow. The stomach, arms and legs would fit into this category. This color is a more natural red and is used for recent wounds. This is the blood you would want to use in larger quantities because these wounds bleed more heavily.

Finally, we have ‘AGED BLOOD’.

This is going to be your deep, dark red. When a wound has been bleeding, the longer it is exposed to the air the darker it gets. As you can see in the photos below, whether freshly applied or dry, this blood is color matched to aged wounds.

Aged blood is ideal for a gunshot wound that hasn’t been properly treated yet. Put some of the regular blood in the middle and aged blood around the outside to get a layered, realistic effect!

We also carry many other brands that can give other effects such as Ben Nye thick blood which is like a gel consistency and great for deep wounds. We carry a Kryolan Eye Blood that is really creepy and fun to try out. Come in and let one of our experts help you get the perfect blood for any look!

We’re excited to see what looks you create this Halloween season and onward using Taylor Maid Blood! Come pick some up and get even more tips from our make-up experts on how to get your goriest look.

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Written by Emily Dutson

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