As you prepare to welcome summer, it's time to revamp your skincare routine! We're looking forward to long days in the sun, but in order to keep ourselves happy and healthy we've got to be prepared to take care of our skin. Let us guide you through five essential summer skincare rituals to help get you on your way to gorgeous glowing skin all summer long.

We all know the skin by your eyes is some of the most delicate skin you have and that’s why it’s important to completely pamper this area. We suggest Refinee Skin Care Anit-puff brightening gel as a customer favorite. This eye cream benefits all skin types and helps improve microcirculation while supporting skin collagen. This will soothe that delicate area while eliminating puffiness and dark circles.
In addition to eye creams, keeping your eyes covered in bright sunlight is crucial. The best part...sunglasses are both smart and stylish! They’re a must to protect your eyes against harsh UV rays. 
Toner is a great addition to your nightly skin routine. After washing your face with your favorite cleanser, apply toner with a cotton pad for instant freshness. Toner will help your skin retain moisture without causing irritation or dryness. We suggest Refinee Soothing Floral Toner because it is alcohol free, which ensures moisture. A lot of other facial toners and makeup products have alcohol, which can cause extreme dryness and redness on your skin. This Soothing Floral Toner rids your skin of all the excess sunscreen and makeup products that build up without leaving your skin dry and dull.
Did you know that without exfoliating 1-2 times a week your products don’t make it past the surface level of skin and therefore can’t give you the benefits you’re looking for? That’s the #1 reason why exfoliation is key to your skincare routine. Without removing the layer of dead skin, products simply build up and create dull looking skin rather than absorbing and completing their purpose. For a perfect physical exfoliator, we suggest Refinee Micro-Derma Peel. This is an amazing peel that you can use one to two times a week to remove that thin layer of dead skin, leaving your skin instantly smooth and glowing. You especially need this as your skin dries out in the sun and can get grungy and dull looking throughout the week.
Products with sunscreen are IN. Gone are the days of tanning beds and harmful skin fads. Using sunscreen daily simply can’t be emphasized enough. Incorporating this into your routine helps you reduce wrinkles, avoid sun spots, and protect against skin cancer. So, if you’re looking for the perfect sunscreen product, Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer can be used before putting on makeup each day (or by itself) for a flawless look. With SPF 30, it keeps you protected underneath your daily makeup. Your ideal facial sunscreen has between 30-50 SPF in order to provide full coverage from the sun. Just remember to reapply sunscreen additionally every 1-3 hours if you’re outdoors to ensure that your skin stays protected on those long summer days.

The sun dries out your skin more and more on hot summer days, so finding a quality moisturizer, especially in the summer, is essential. Pharmagel DN 24 Hydracreme is a nourishing, daily moisturizer that is ideal for normal to dry skin.  DN-24 Hydracrème contains Retinol, which helps skin to appear revitalized and youthful and is known for its ability to help skin appear firmer and more toned while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. It will help against the drying summer sun after those long beach and pool days.

Another tip for keeping skin looking hydrated is drinking plenty of water. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget to keep drinking water during the summer as you’re out and about. Sugary drinks are delicious and refreshing, but those can give you more acne because of the sugar content rather than working to hydrate your skin. So instead, opt for a simple glass of water. 


(Written by the Kortni Jeane company)

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