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We have a wide variety of wigs available that will cater to all you costuming and daily needs. Looking for the perfect costume wig for Halloween, a theatrical wig for your latest production, or a cosplay hairpiece to make you look like your favorite anime character. Look no further. We have been in the costuming industry for over 45 years. Discover all the unique, fun, and beautiful wigs we have to offer. We have costume wigs to match just about any costume you have.

Costume wigs are always a fantastic way to finalize any look you're going for. We also have classes we offer on how to transform any wig in to specific characters that may not have a manufactured wig. Or if that intimidates you our stylist can transform it for you any to any thing you can dream of...within reason :)

Costume wigs in Provo, UT is our focus as our main location is there. We have been serving downtown provo for a long time and also we are the main supplier Costume wigs for Schools and Colleges in our area and beyond. Our costume wigs come in a range of quality and we have them all from the inexpensive wig that for that one time party to a high quality Costume wig that will last years! We also carry wig selections that can be used for everyday wear which is a great option for cosplayers that are reusing and wearing their costume wigs for very long periods of time. We carry lace front heat friendly wigs that look as real as it gets. We also carry all the wig care products to help maintain your wigs quality and help manage it. From brushes, combs, sprays, conditioners, even foam heads we will have all your Costume wigs needs covered.