The illusive Cat Eye

The illusive Cat Eye

Since the times of Cleopatra, the cat eye has been mysterious, dramatic and very feminine, and also seems to be the beacon of beauty we mere mortals can rarely attain. Exact symmetry, perfect precision, an unwavering line and equal thickness on both eyes proves to be a challenge, especially if you lack a steady hand.

Though it can be a tough routine to master, it’s worth practicing your flicks since the cat craze isn’t fading anytime fast.

Cat Eye Basics:

1. Line the upper lash line including the spaces between the actual lashes (this is called tight-lining) from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edge.
2. Draw a line up from the outer corner of your eye using the curve of the bottom lash line as a guide. Note the length of this line, to repeat on the other side for symmetry.
3. Connect the inner corner of the eye with the top of the line at the outer corner.
4. Fill in the shape.

To clean up mistakes, dip a cotton swab in eye makeup remover like Sorme Makeup Remover and wipe away excess.
Dark, thick, sharp lines will create a dramatic look while soft, light, or smudged lines create a more subtle look. Don’t fear the cat eye because you fear it’s too bold; it’s easy to modify.
If you struggle with drawing straight lines, try using scotch tape. (secretly the best trick out there)
Liner brushes are essential for applying gel, cream, or shadow liners. They are available in pointed, flat, and angled varieties. Click here

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