Half Skull Made Easy

Half Skull Made Easy

We all know that doing a good Halloween can be a little daunting. So I have collaborated with one of our great makeup artists to give you a simple step by step instructions for a Skeleton makeup.

Step one:

1. Using kryolan Aquacolor black, roughly draw out where you want your skull to be.

This product is a professional quality makeup at a great price. Because it is water based it is going to give you the benefit of setting up after it drys so you wont smear your makeup. However I would recommend a Sealing Spray just for extra staying power.

Step two:

2. Fill in the negative space with black, and smooth out lines with a clean wet makeup brush.
I would recommend using the Taylor Maid brushes for this. They are a sable hair brush and are a great quality that will last you for many years if taken care of properly.
Step Three:
3. Place Ben Nye creme white where you want highlights and blend.
Ben Nye cremes are always a go to for Halloween. They wont leave the skin dry and the coverage is always bright and noticeable.
Step Four:
4. Shade around the outline of skull and teeth with Pops black pressed shadow.
Eye shadows can give you a great blended look that will add a nice faded edge. Pops Shadows have wonderful pigment.
Step Five:
5. Set everything with Ben Nye neutral set powder and Taylor Maid barrier and sealing spray.

Skull makeup MUA credit Mikaela Hansen
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