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MKS eco Oil

MKS eco Oil

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Restore frizzy, dry, dull hair to its natural sleek, conditioned, and glossy look. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we damage our hair every day; by using oils like Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Panthenol, and pure botanical extracts, you can make your hair look more radiant than ever.

Who Should Use It?

  • Those with frizzy and/or dry hair
  • Yes, this works on color treated hair!

How to Use it:

Just pump 2-3 pumps of the oil into your hand and run it through wet or dry hair. That’s it!

How Well Does it Last?

This product, if used consistently for a few days, can help prevent future damage, which means that it lasts a fairly long time. It can improve the look, feel, and elasticity of your hair now and in the future. We suggest using the product daily for a little while to rejuvenate your hair, then begin the process again as the hair begins to grow out, or if you’ve been using a lot of other products and heat in your hair frequently.


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