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Fake Bake - Original Self-Tanning Lotion

Fake Bake - Original Self-Tanning Lotion

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Get ready to experience the ultimate in self-tanning lotions! Fake Bake has created a unique blend of exotic oils and natural ingredients to give you a deeper darker tan. Its richness in color gives you the perfect tan without the damaging side effects of the sun. Designed for easy, goof-proof application, they have a built-in color guide, a dark temporary color that let's you see exactly where you're applying. No pale patches, no streaks, no dark spots. Apply the product with gloves at night and shower off the color guide in the morning. Only your beautiful Fake Bake tan will remain.

How To Use:
Week 1: Make sure you're wearing gloves, use small amounts and apply to clean skin, Lightly glaze over hands and feet. Make sure to bend elbows and knees while applying. Allow the self-tanning lotion to dry before going to bed. Can also be used on the face. Shower the following morning (a small amount of color may rinse off). Apply several nights in a row to achieve desired tan, if necessary.

Week 2: Normally, apply only once a week, however you determine if more applications are necessary for deeper tan. Patch test for sensitive skin.

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