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Hydro Color Make-Up - Essential Colors

Hydro Color Make-Up - Essential Colors

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Available in: White | Gray | Black | Fair | Saddle Brown | Brown | Ebony | Red | Pink | Orange | Yellow | Mint | Light Green | Green | Dark Green | Sea Green | Light Blue | Dark Blue | Blue | Lilac | Charcoal | Ivory | Honey Beige | Golden Bronze | Blood | Raw Sienna | Orc | Bruise | Plum | Blithe | Essential Rainbow Cake

-Use as theatrical makeup to transform yourself into a new character or being
-Use for Halloween characters - the paint is safe for both the face and the body
-Go to a masquerade and paint your mask on with brilliant colors
-Going to a sporting event? Show your team spirit by painting your face and body with the bright colors of the team
-Have a Disney day with your kids; let them dress up as their favorite Disney character and paint their faces for them

How to Apply:
1. Clean the area being painted
2. Work from light colors to dark, layering on as you want new effects
3. Work from broad shapes and strokes to intricate details
4. Wait for each coat to dry before adding onto it; unless you’re looking to smear/smudge colors together


How Well Does it Last?
Once it has dried, the Wolfe Hydrocolor makeup does not rub off easily; but it does wash easily with soap and water.

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